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The Watchdog Party aims to 
bring more scrutiny onto our leadership to
"make the bastards honest"

Introducing the Watchdog Party

The watchdog party is an Australian balance of power political party built to add scrutiny back into politics. We aim to expose fraud, identify underhanded proceedings and introduce more balance into new legislation. While we subscribe to a conservative economic strategy we find that no party is in power to communicate what real life impacts politics creates.

Our Top Four Priorities


Cyber Defence

Like the Army, Navy and Airforce, the cyber frontier is a unique landscape that needs singular thinking. Unlike other theatres the cyber-space host a direct assault on the civilians and assets of ordinary Australians. 



Rather than mourning over changes, preparing the landscape for the diverse employment scope of future jobs and emerging career sectors. This also includes better fiscal performance and not selling profitable state assets. 



Embracing manufacturing 2.0.

Using recycling facilities to both reclaim old materials and form a point in the line of fuelling 3D printing which will replace the dying parts industry.


Restoring mental health

Mental health ignorance has left us with huge suicide rates and a massive homeless population in a society with a social safety net. This can be rectified with pragmatic mental health initiatives.

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