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Candidates for Election

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Rhett Holt

Rhett was born on the Gold Coast and has grown up in the suburbs and farms around South-East Queensland and the Northern Rivers. His long-term partner works here with Norco and with their family of five, six niblings and over 43 cousins have deep roots in the community. Following studies in Engineering, Science and Psychology, he started his career in Government eventually becoming Senior Risk Coordinator for the State by 25. At 26, following the Queensland floods, he made the move into private industry to pursue an interest in technology. While still working in technology he built two allergen friendly cafes in Rockingham Western Australia and launched a mentoring-based consulting firm. Rhett now lives in Butler Street running a bed and breakfast and wants to never let an election pass without doing something. His primary drivers include protection of middle, cyber defence for everyone and sustainable government.

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